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—An Award of $1500 plus book publication of the winning manuscript is open to anyone writing in the English language. It is not open to employees, relatives, previous winners or friends of The Bitter Oleander Press

—Translations are not eligible for this award

—You may send your entry through the US Postal Service or through our Submittable format. If you prefer the US Postal Service, include a SASE for the convenience of our reply or include your email address for the same notification

—Manuscripts must be typed and range between 48 and 80 pages of poetry in length

—Manuscripts should be paginated and include a table of contents 

—If submitting by regular mail, please include two (2) cover sheets: One with title and author’s contact information. The other with the title only.  Author’s name must not appear anywhere else in this manuscript

—If submitting through our SUBMITTABLE format, only include a title page with no name appearing anywhere else in this manuscript

—Manuscripts may be postmarked only between and including the dates of May 1st, 2023  to June 15th, 2023 PCT.  Any early or later entries will be disallowed and entry fees returned. Our Submittable format does not kick in until the first of May 2023

—Due to a large number of entries, all manuscripts received by mail will be recycled except the winning one 

—All entries may expect notification no later than the 1st of October, 2023

—Winning entry to be published in the early Spring of 2024 by The Bitter Oleander Press

—The procedures for this Award follow the strict guidelines set forth by CLMP’s (Community of Literary Magazines & Presses) Contest Code of Ethics 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.